Welcome to Mirik

Boating in Mirik lakeMIRIK (elevation 1,767 m) is a small hill resort which has come into prominence during the 1980's. The small town is built around a 1.25 km long lake known as Lake Samendu. The pristine lake is surrounded by high forested hills and tea gardens. Boating in the lake is a fascinating activity for the tourists. Mirik is also famous for its tea estates, orange orchards and cardamom plantations.

There is a floating fountain in the middle of the lake and a 80 ft long arch-type little footbridge on the lake. The lake is provided with boating facilities. Overnight accommodation is available around the lake in a number of places. Prominent among them is the Orange retreat located at the top of a hill overlooking the lake. naturebeyond provides booking at this resort.
The common tourist attraction in the area include:

Kawlay Dara :- For fabulous view of the plains as well as mountains. Beautiful view of sunrise and sunset can also be seen from here.

Deosi Dara :- Another observatory point for stupendous landscape view.
Rai-dhap : An ideal picnic spot.

Tea Estates :- There are eight tea gardens in Mirik area. Thurbo T.E., one of the best tea-estates, is only 2 kms. from the lake. The factory may be visited with the permission of the manager.

Orange orchards :- About two kilometers from Mirik, situated on the spur, one can see beautiful orange orchards. Mirik is the largest supplier of oranges in West Bengal. One can also have glimpse of the village life of hill areas.

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